30 November 2016

Urgent Message regarding the CDI Open Day at the An Crubh Hub 1st December

URGENT NOTICE – ALTERATION to OPEN EVENING and AGM at An Crùbh, the new community hub building on 1st December.

This evening IS going ahead in an amended form this Thursday.  However  the building contractor has just let us know about safety concerns and about the availability of parking, with a larger number of people expected on what is still a very active building site.  So we have had to make some changes to the format of the evening.

Please do NOT make your way directly to An Crùbh itself.  Please make your way instead to An Talla Dearg, Isleornsay  where you can collect your ‘ticket’ for a conducted tour of the building. Tours will start at 30 minute intervals from 6.30 until around 8.00, and we will be asking people to set off together from An Talla Dearg and to share lifts as parking will be very limited.

Meanwhile, in an Talla Dearg the rolling discussion about your ideas for how to develop the shop, café, hall and fundraising events and a slide show by the architect will run through the evening.   The AGM will be held at 7.30  - this should not take very long, but we would urge all members of CDI to be in An Talla Dearg at that time and not to take a 7.30 tour.  We also hope to have short workshops about the short-term working groups.

We had very much hoped to be able to have our AGM and the whole event in An Crùbh, but Compass is putting on a last push to have everything completed by 23 December, which means they currently have up to 25 construction workers on site, with kitchen fitters working up to 10pm each evening.   


Feedback has indicated that there could be more who intend coming to our AGM and Open Evening this Thursday than we expected.  This is great news, but combined with the heavy work schedule on site, the contractors decided they had no choice but to put safety and the needs of the site first.

Please, do come.  But come to An Talla Dearg, from where you will have the opportunity to see the nearly complete building and become part of discussions about how we develop this new and exciting community facility.  We really appreciate your interest and support – thank you!

We know some of you might have time constraints and might want to book a particular tour slot - if you do, feel free to e-mail enquiries@camuscross.org But please do add in time to talk before or after at An Talla Dearg.  This is a community venture, and we really do want your input.  

Thank you also to those who have helped us with frantic last-minute re-arrangements.  We had not planned refreshments as there are no working toilets in An Crùbh yet, but at least at An Talla Dearg the bar is on hand, to offer food and drink.  Come and help us make a great night of it, and spread the word about the change to your friends and neighbours.

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