Local food

There is a growing interest amongst crofters and gardeners in Camuscross and Duisdale in growing more food and keeping more livestock.

There are more potato patches appearing on crofts each year and a number of gardeners have started to grow food.  There are now 3 polytunnels in use.  A number of people used the 'Garden of Skye Community Garden' rotovator in 2010 to turn over new ground.  There are two honesty boxes in Camuscross, selling a variety of local food: eggs, jams, chutneys and sometimes baking and vegetables.

It seems that more people are realising that growing your own food is very satisfying - it not only tastes tons better, but the food miles are nil.

We would be interested to hear from other crofting communities who are seeing a revival of interest in using crofts for subsistence food growing.  Please use the 'Contact Us' or 'Have your say' pages to get in touch.

No 8 tatties - Kerr's Pinks and other kinds
Tomatoes from No 8 Camuscross
Beautiful brambles!
Strings of tasty sausages above the rayburn in No 39
First string ready - the apprentice sausage makers were taught how to make strings by Joel
Sausage machine

Mackerel SmokerSmoky

Smoked mackerel, caught in the Sound of Sleat, made in a smoker improvised out of an old wardrobe and smoked with oak woodshavings from the boatbuilder's shed

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