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I think there might be a problem with the website link as I tried to contact you about 3 weeks ago about using your lovely new facilities and have not received a reply. Have sent the request again just now - if you don't receive the request please let me know.

Best wishes

Posted by Charmian Entwistle on 06 March 2017
Charmian, I have helped Camuscross with the web and so if you didn't still get a response call Sharon on 833417...Rob
Posted by Rob Ware on 01 April 2017
Contact page
I have tried unsuccessfully to contact you via the contact page to say we are very keen to get involved in the initiative as new residents in the area. We heard the fabulous news about the funding for the Hub, it's potential benefit for the area is limitless!

Hoping that there is another way to get in touch!
Best Wishes
Emma and Jon
Posted by Emma and Jon Dallorzo-Hanley on 24 February 2015
Hi John, thanks for your note, I've asked Elaine Smith for someone to get in touch with you directly, what's your email..

Posted by Rob Ware on 10 March 2016
Hi just reading the news letter Issue 13 would like to know more info about the bakery ,after leaving school I did my time in Mackenzies Bakery and was there for 12 years so intrested about it
Posted by Gavin Ross on 23 June 2012
Hi Gavin,
We're not certain that the bakery will proceed. It's all down to cost at the end of the day. It's great to have interest from a young local with bakery experience. We'll keep you posted.

Posted by Graeme MacKenzie on 05 July 2012
Community Shop & Café
Further to my previous message, I found the following fact on the web-site of The Corner on the Square at Beauly:-
They are actively looking for good trading locations where they can deliver the Corner on The Square experience! I believe this is what we need.

Their email address is info@corneronthesquare.co.uk

Its definately worth investigating! People would make a detour to Camuscross & Duisdale just to visit and share in the Corner on the Square experience. I'm sure many people, including myself, would be very interested in buying from such a shop and visiting often for the coffee and goodies on offer !

I recommend those involved in the decision making visit The Corner on the Square in Beauly!!!:-)
Posted by Faye MacFarlane on 29 September 2011
Community Shop & Café
I would like to see the Community with a quality delicatessen shop and café selling items that you can't buy at the Broadford Co-op and not a milk,bread, newspaper Spar type shop. I cite the example of the Corner on the Square in Beauly which is a fantastic asset and a place that you would make a detour to visit specially!!!

They have a web-site , which is www.corneronthesquare.co.uk

However I recommend a visit to The Corner on The Square very highly !!!:-)
Posted by Faye MacFarlane on 29 September 2011
Posted on 14 July 2011
Community Shops
Posted on 09 February 2010
Community Shops
Posted on 09 February 2010
Renewable Energy
Posted on 13 August 2009
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Posted on 21 February 2009
miss you all
Posted on 28 August 2008
Crofting Olympics
Posted on 26 August 2008
Best wishes
Posted on 03 August 2008
Goodbye for now!
Posted on 01 August 2008
Great site!
Posted on 15 July 2008
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