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Splash 1 and Splash 2

by Lachie Strummer - 12:47 on 23 August 2012


Been busy this week on the croft pulling aspen trees out of the ground with the tractor.

They’ve been spreading at an alarming rate in a Southerly direction for the last few years.

They will spread no more.


Went for a sail on Saturday with ‘herself’ to Camas Baravaig.

Gee whizz, it was hot!

We took our respective swimming garments, towels, and a steely determination to jump into the Sound of Sleat.

Upon dropping anchor we prepared for our aquatic adventures.

It wasn’t half as warm as it looked!

I was definitely more cautious than my cherished friend.

She leapt in, seemingly without a care in the World.

I inched my sun-drenched torso over the side like a three-toed sloth coming down for a drink.

We swam around for twenty minutes or so, neither of us posing any significant threat to Michael Phelps.

Getting back aboard the boat wasn’t without its challenges either.

A fibreglass boat with a two and a half foot freeboard requires much gymnastic agility (not to mention suffering pain in vital areas) to climb aboard from the sea.

Maybe we should have thought about that beforehand.

Splash 2

Continued clearing small aspen trees and cutting down bramble bushes today using the strimmer.

A former neighbour built his own ‘septic tank’ on this piece of ground.

(He was never one to ‘splash the cash’ as they say. Every penny was a prisoner.)

Anyway, as I hack my way through my miniature rain forest I’m half expecting the ground to give way beneath my feet at any moment and for me to end up amid the contents of my former neighbour’s bowels.

Not a pleasant thought!

I shall proceed with extreme caution.

















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