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A hoor of a big shop

by Lachie Strummer - 17:06 on 05 July 2012


Went to Inverness yesterday with 'herself'.  She was getting her eyes checked by an optician. I've assured her previously that she's definitely got two but she wanted the opinion of a professional. Made various purchases in the town centre then had some lunch.

We then headed to the 'Mother of all Supermarkets' by the name of Tesco Extra. It's big!

We parked close by, collected a trolley the size of a small dumper truck, then commenced our retail marathon.

The first thing that struck me wasn't the floor space - it was one of the staff unable to control a mobile cage packed to the brim with magazines!

After about half an hour we came upon the first aisles displaying food. 

We were constantly serenaded on our retail odyssey by at least one child with the crying volume of a highly revved chainsaw.

A short while later we came upon a lost soul wandering aimlessly between cold meats and organic dairy products. His eyes were glazed over and he seemed lost. All he was able to say was 'Exchange and Mart, Mango Chutney'. Over and over again.

We slowly led him by the hand and managed to get him to the Cafeteria where we gave him fresh drinking water and wrapped him in a blanket.  It turns out he'd been in there for three days unable to find a way out!

We returned to our shopping expedition and were able to finish before the onset of darkness.

I think I prefer Broadford Co-op myself.

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