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Carry On Crofting

by Lachie Strummer - 10:17 on 01 June 2012

Carry On Crofting

It’s a shame there was never a film made with this title.

You know there should have been.

Sid James plays Ronald the Township Clerk and a bit of a lothario - forever rolling in the Common Grazing heather with a mini-kilted clad Mairi played by Barbara Windsor.

Meanwhile, back at Ronald’s croft house, Joan Sim plays long suffering Morag who spends most of the film grudgingly feeding hens, milking a cow, and filling in endless forms for ‘the Department’.

‘The Postie’, played by a sprightly young Jim Dale, speaking with a cod ‘Highland accent’ that sounds half Irish/ half Australian appears every morning and constantly says things to Morag which make her blush, swoon, and convince her that he fancies her.

Meanwhile, the township is expecting a visit from Mr Bossington, the new Estate owner, played by Charles Hawtrey. He’s got great plans to get rid of crofting and turn the estate into one massive wind farm.They all expect a limousine to pull up but he arrives on a small motorbike.

Various mishaps then ensue and the locals eventually triumph thanks mainly to the actions of ‘The Postie’.

He then becomes the new Township Clerk.

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