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Her Lips are Sealed

by Lachie Strummer - 11:26 on 30 April 2012

Her Lips are Sealed

Had an eventful weekend.

We had one of these moments when you wish you could turn back the clock - even just for 10 minutes.

‘Herself’, like any woman, likes to apply various cosmetic and medicinal concoctions to various parts of her anatomy, usually in liberal quantities.

Her fine rose tinted lips are no exception.

They’ve always looked more than fine to a hairy-arsed crofter like me.

Anyway, standing by the kitchen worktop she searched for her ‘Blistex Relief Cream’ with the intention of smearing some on the aforementioned lips.

It comes in a small white tube about 3 inches long with a red cap.

Unfortunately, Super Glue from a 99p Shop also comes in a small white tube about 3 inches long with a red cap.

Being in a slightly distracted state she picked up the super glue, removed the cap, then offloaded a significant amount around, and yes, between, her lips.

In the seconds or so till she realised her mistake, it was too late.

She was speechless. Quite literally!

Looking back it’s amazing how quickly a woman can invent a highly efficient form of sign language.

Providing her with a comforting kiss simply wasn’t an option at that moment in time.

Particularly one of the Parisien variety. There was no way through!

Thankfully a visit to Casualty provided a solution and the lips were eventually parted.

All’s well that ends well.

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