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Birds in the tractor

by Lachie Strummer - 17:11 on 30 January 2012

A Pair of Great Tits in the Tractor

It’s a sign that Spring might not be too far off when you see two of our local tits starting to build their nest inside the roof of the tractor.
They’ve been using this particular location for a few years now and seem really happy with it. I think they love the sea view.
They don’t seem to mind the fact that the their home has often moved when they return with more nest building materials.


Started filling in pot holes today on the road that leads up to Strummer Towers.
Hang on a second ; they’re not so much ‘pot holes’ as ‘craters’!
A good concrete mix will hopefully do the job and give us a road of which we can be proud.


It’ll soon be time to crawl under the boat with a scraper and remove the remaining barnacles from last season.
Awkward wee buggers! They seem to be equipped with Mother Nature’s very own version of super glue!

Marine Stores

Visited that fine retail outlet in Kyle last Friday and purchased a tin of grey undercoat for the aforementioned boat.  Also purchased 2 light bulbs.
The owner of that fine establishment was stationed by the door and did what the wee chap at 10 Downing Street, who’s name nobody knows, does when someone arrives or leaves - he opened the door!
A true gentleman.

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