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Bath Bombs

by Lachie Strummer - 11:27 on 10 January 2012

Bath Bombs

I had a bath this week.  Okay, so that in itself is not headline news (you’ll be relieved to hear).
I threw in one of these new ‘bath bomb’ things and climbed in.

It was certainly a novel experience.  On hitting the water the bath bomb burst into life and propelled itself round the bath at a scary rate of knots!
On more than one occasion I was forced to take evasive action to avoid having the ‘device’ lodge itself within parts of my anatomy I’d rather not mention.

The Raasay Torpedo Range sprang to mind.

Eventually it completely dissolved and left a shiny, glittering, residue behind.
When I stepped out the bath I was glistening from head to toe like some six-foot two luminescent, glam-rock freak.
I still am three days later.


I’ve been doing my bit lately for the environment by shredding newspapers and boxes etc to make bedding for the hens.
I can recommend the Oban Times, Free Press, P&J and various tabloids.
I avoid shiny magazines and junk mail stuff as they have virtually no absorption properties whatsoever.
You can buy a shredder for £25 in Lidl, Dingwall, for all your shredding needs.
You all know it makes sense.

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