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New Year

by Lachie Strummer - 12:14 on 04 January 2012

Happy New Year

2012 has cast off from the pier and is now well and truly underway.
The safety announcements have been made.
The cafeteria is now open.
The bar will be open shortly.
(Lachie, that’s enough of the Calmac Ferry metaphor - Ed.)


This year I’ve resolved not to change my way of life in any way whatsoever.
I intend sticking to this resolution rigidly!

A Taste of Camuscross

Had a taste of the first chops from last year’s lamb this week.
Grilled them in a hot oven ( this is definitely much better than a cold oven).
Had them with red peppers, onions, and chips.
Very tasty indeed.


Wind and driving rain once again.  This means only one thing - it’s a ‘shed day’.
A place where a chap can sort out nuts, bolts, washers, nails etc. into separate clear plastic containers depending on size.
These clear plastic containers were kindly donated by ‘herself’ and many moons ago contained rice, lentils, Demerara sugar, and various other assorted condiments.

He can also ‘tidy up’ the workbench. This involves moving one pile of assorted junk to somewhere else on the workbench, probably onto a shelf underneath.
You never know - that broken chisel may well come in handy one day!

He may also decide to chop kindlers. He’s getting low on suitable scrap wood to split and is sorely tempted to start on that chest of drawers that ‘herself’ plans to fully restore to pristine condition.

Today is a shed day!

Comment from Mrs Strummer at 23:42 on 06 January 2012.
Herself is not amused...Lachie has crossed the line!

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