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The Joy of Specs

by Lachie Strummer - 08:48 on 14 December 2011

Strictly Come Crofting

Reports abound of a local crofter besotted with the television programme ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.
Unfortunately for him, though, his wife is much happier watching football. Who can blame her?
  Apparently, our man suffers frustration that he can’t whisk his partner round the living room floor and is therefore forced to perform his nimble footwork with an imaginary partner.
Don’t be surprised if you see a boiler suit-clad crofter, sheep just fed, silhouetted against the common grazings skyline, doing a Viennese Waltz with an invisible partner.
There’s no need to phone social services.

The Joy of Specs

Went to Specsavers last week in Portree to get the eyes back into perfect working order.
Definitely a worthwhile trip,
Prior to my trip North reading the Free Press was becoming troublesome.
I had to hold our treasured little weekly at least 3 feet from my face to have any chance of focusing on Criomagan.
Anyway, after an optician conducted various checks and experiments he  decided what was required.
The results are impressive.
Even the daunting phonebook is now readable with the greatest of ease.
There are other benfits too.
Herself’s vital assets have now increased in size by at least 50% !
I’d definitely recommend a trip to Portree.

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