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Cat, Stag and Hen

by Lachie Strummer - 14:47 on 18 November 2011

Bad Timing

Came in from the shed today to answer the call of nature. 
Don’t worry now, we’re not talking about a ‘number two’ here.
Anyway, there I am, staring out the window, glancing down occasionally and in full flow, when the phone rings.
It’s that moment when it’s vital to reach a quick decision ; should you let nature take it’s course or should you bring things to a temporary halt and answer that phone?
Should you stay, or should you go?
I normally try and estimate if I’ve reached the halfway mark and if I have it’s a case of ‘I’ve started so I’ll finish!’


To borrow a phrase from a neighbouring crofter I’ve been ‘as horny as an old stag’ this week.
Forgive me if my mind starts wandering as I write…..


This cat of ours called ‘Sparky’ is definitely a complete nut job!
No matter how much food you put in her bowl she’ll still whine for more before she’s started eating it.
You virtually have to lift her up, stick her face in the bowl, and tell her to shut up!


One of the brown hens has been  flying over the fence the last few nights and roosting on the branch of a tree .
Next morning she’s stuck outside the hen run unable to get back in.
This had to stop!
I grabbed her yesterday (gently of course) and clipped her starboard wing feathers with a pair of kitchen scissors.
If she does manage to get off the ground now she flies in ever decreasing circles.

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