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Midge, Boat, Duck.

by Lachie Strummer - 09:31 on 10 May 2011

 Good Morning Midge

Aye, we’re well into May and those pesky midges are starting to rouse from their slumbers.

Like myself they’re not at their most amicable ‘first thing in the morning’.

They’ve missed quite a lot since they turned in last October ; War, Natural Disasters, Pestilence, - just the usual stuff.

Oh aye – and the tractor’s starting much better these days since I replaced the battery cables.

Return of the Geadh Gorm

Number 2 son has acquired his latest vessel to add to the Cruard flotilla.

She was previously languishing in a secluded bay not far from Drumfearn.

A former ship’s lifeboat she’s returned to her former home port after 20 odd years.(some of them very odd indeed!)

She now awaits major renovation work which began with the removal of her wheelhouse.


The 4 Indian Runner drakes continue to give their one female compatriot a torrid time.

The poor girl just never gets a minutes peace from these guys.

I don’t know – all they seem to think about is Sex, Sex, Sex!

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