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Deer, Coffee and Congers

by Lachie Strummer - 16:28 on 26 August 2010

Roe Deer

Our local neighbourhood roe deer has been putting in a few appearances of late.

He seems to have a great fondness for rose bushes, the ones ‘herself’ planted only last year.

At least he hasn’t touched the cherries or plums.

If he did, or does, all hell could break loose!


Now the Summer’s coming to an end I feel it’s time my system had a good ‘flush-out’ before the onset of Winter.

I’m very tempted to try one of these coffee enema things.

One thing I’m not sure about, though, is this ;  should I go for Instant, Espresso, or Capuccino ? - any advice would be much appreciated.


Speaking to a local fisherman this week who was vexed by the number of congers in his creels.

These monsters of the deep are the last thing you want thrashing around in the bottom of your boat.

To say they’ve got a slight attitude problem is a bit like saying that the Gaza Strip isn’t your ideal holiday destination.

Apparently one of the most effective ways of despatching them is to inflict a heavy blow on the head with a sledgehammer.
 (This course of action is best administered once ashore and not in the bottom of the boat!)

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