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Hole in the Water

by Lachie Strummer - 10:39 on 04 June 2010


   Hole in the Water
 Aye, it's amazing how many boats there are in Camuscross and Duisdale compared with a few years ago.
 On a fine Summer's day there's nothing quite like getting her sails unfurled, or her engine started, casting off, and swinging her head round for the salty main.
 I've even heard it said that a modest carry-out of chilled beers can increase the pleasure of the experience.
 This boating thing isn't always without it's financial stresses though for the humble crofter.
 The late Canadian songwriter Stan Rogers once described a boat as 'A hole in the water where your money goes'.
 Walking with ‘Herself’
These last few evenings have lent themselves to strolls along the Cruard road with ‘Herself’ and, of course, the dog.
Despite the occasional harassment by midges with attitude it always makes for an enjoyable bit of gentle exercise.
I’ve noticed recently though  (and it’s been brought to my attention) that I invariably lag behind ‘Herself’ during these perambulations.
Maybe by as much as 3 or 4 paces.
I’m starting to feel like the Duke of Edinburgh.
Unlike old ‘Lizzie’ though, who apparently never carries cash, I’m the one with a wallet bereft of anything resembling legal tender.
The only thing I could offer an aspiring mugger would be a fistful of faded auto teller receipts and a crumpled business card from an accountant in Portree.

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