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by Lachie Strummer - 09:28 on 30 March 2010


K 57
The delights of Septic Tank maintenance this week.
As you’ll know, an important part of living on a croft is the occasional requirement to get the old boiler suit, wellies, and rubber gloves on and clear the sewerage pipes between the house and the septic tank.
I found the set of plumbing rods at the back of the shed and duly set to the task in hand.
After much energy was expended without any obvious movement (in any direction) there was only one thing for it.
Get the K57!
Somewhere amongst the old paint tins I found it, covered in dust, the label faded with the passage of time.
A white plastic bottle with a red screw-on lid.
This stuff is the real deal.
 Pour it into the toilet bowl last thing at night, flush and go to bed.
The contents then do the job they’ve been waiting to do for years.
Countless highly trained microbes, bayonets fixed, unleash their own version of ‘Shock and Awe’ on the unsuspecting contents of your sewerage system.
After a few days victory was declared and the highways and byways between the house, septic tank, and soakaway were once again liberated!
Great stuff altogether.

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