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Cats and Snow

by Lachie Strummer - 16:05 on 02 February 2010


Cats Galore
Did you know there’s a lady down in Ferrindonald who feeds 45 cats on a regular basis? ( when I say ‘on a regular basis’ she actually feeds them ‘on a plate’ but you know what I mean)
Her barn is the feline version of a Little Chef.
I also know of a crofter in Saasaig who often caters for 8 or 9 cats. (Obviously a slightly more exclusive establishment)
It’s little wonder that you’ll hardly see a rabbit anywhere south of Knock Farm these days.
As for mice and voles ; let’s just say the future’s a bit on the bleak side. Don’t go booking any holidays this year.
Where’s all this snow coming from?
‘Herself’ tells me of a former colleague in an Inverness hospital, a keen observer of all things meteorological.
Her weather forecasting skills invariably resulted in her arriving at the same outcome.
The time of year made little difference.
The seasons seemed to hold no relevance.
Be it October, January, April, or even  June the same conclusion was reached :
It’s gonnae sna’ the day!

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