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A Flock of dead Seagulls

by Lachie Strummer - 16:15 on 13 August 2008


In Camuscross, and the West Highlands in general,  there’s a tendency to hang on to items for longer than is probably wise, under the false assumption that one day they might come in handy.

   Examples of what might lurk at the back of the barn include ; 

An old chest freezer that last worked in 1981 

A motorbike minus an engine and back wheel 

An exercise machine that was acquired when Jane Fonda was fit 

A tin of ‘Snowcem’ the contents of which are rock solid 

Perhaps the most common item in this area are Seagull outboards, some of which saw service when the herring boom was at its peak.

Comment from Prtivate Still at 09:32 on 17 August 2008.
Lachie - let me know your exact location and I will row across from Knoydart to relieve you of the seagulls - with 3 of them on the stern the trip back will be like a rocket. Oh ho!

Don't whatever you do throw out the old chest freezer - oh no - it will definitely come in handy - I have been reading about a fine use for it which I will pass on to your readers on receipt of 2 books of first class stamps - knowledge does not come cheap over here in Scotland. No indeed!

PS - maybe a bit of secrecy is needed here. With such valuable stuff in your shed you should communicate your location in code - I think MI5 call it encrusting. I await further instructions
Slainte mhor!

Private Still (ex Rajputana Rifle Corps 1934-1935)

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