Welcome to the Camuscross & Duisdale Initiative                                       

   Our vision is to develop and support social, cultural, economic and environmental initiatives and to create a resilient, sustainable community where everyone feels welcome and valued            

Our community is situated in the Sleat peninsula in the South of the Isle of Skye and includes the crofting townships of Camuscross, Cruard and Duisdale and includes Isle Ornsay.  In 2015, our population is approximately 180, including 37 children.

Camuscross & Duisdale Initiative took over from the work of Camuscross Community Steering Group, which was set up in February 2007 to develop various projects for community benefits.  It then became a community company, becoming incorporated on 22nd December 2008, with the name of Camuscross Community Initiative.  When the company decided to add the neighbouring crofting township to its area of benefit, we became Camuscross & Duisdale Initiative.

The projects it is working on are: affordable house sites, developing a micro hydro scheme using our community-owned reservoir, a network of heritage paths with interpretation, and a long-term aims are to build a local shop-cafe with community activity space and improve opportunities for local people to access homes or house sites.

First the steering group and now the Initiative have organised a number of very successful events including a community meal, a Camuscross Boat Day, New Year dances, Crofters Olympics and an Open Day.  We recognise the importance of making our documents, reports and minutes available to our residents and to see these click here for the link to the page.

It publishes a newsletter called An Lianag approximately quarterly-  The newsletter is named after the 'green' in the middle of the village, which is where the crofters traditionally met to discuss township matters.

Camuscross and Duisdale is a vibrant and dynamic community and we look forward to welcoming you.